“Not” True Love


Cleatis our new little pig was brought into the home of a very spoiled little yorkiepoo pup, named Otis. Otis has the most beautiful big ears. He was given to us by a friend and we have loved him from the first moment we saw him. Trust me we have our moments. He is turning into a young man and wants to take off and run every chance he gets. We have to coral him back home when he does that. He is so sweet and loving. He is Brown with a little white mixed in and the top of his head has little bitty curls. He has quit a personality.  As sweet as Otis is he sure didn’t take to Cleatis. We put them in the same room but held them so they could get to know each other. I do believe Otis did NOT like that his mommy brought in a new little brother. The only time he was happy was when we had Cleatis in his cage. Otis could walk around and sniff the cage and feel like the big boy of the house. The alpha dog! I guess time will tell if they will learn to love each other.           Patience……………..


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