Windy day

It was such a beautiful day today. It rained on and off and then the sun would shine with gusts of wind. The whole day to end with light wind and seventy degree weather. I enjoyed it. My husband Eugene has been working on our barn for our little goats and needless to say he was in and out of the house at least ten times today. He is getting close to being finished though. I think he will be happy when it’s all done. We have three baby milk goats. Lamoncha and kiko. They are so cute. Our grandchildren named them when we brought them home. We have three little girls named Phebe, Roxie and Heart. We are new to this so it’s a learning experience. We have to bottle feed them. I love every minute of that. I think their little tails could wag off their bodies as fast as they wiggle them when they are eating. It’s so much fun to watch. Our little Otis runs down and looks at them through the fence but he really is not to sure of them yet. I think they will become friends one day.


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