Woke up this morning to the beautiful Sun shining through the window. Isn’t it an amazing feeling you get when you feel the warmth of the sun. It somehow just seems to make it easier to start the day. Getting out of bed and having our little four-legger aka , Otis jumping and barking so happy to see me. Good morning Otis! Such a special little guy. He brings us such happiness. Dogs are so sweet and loving and really don’t ask for much do they? Well, food! In this case breakfast. Otis hurries me along. No time for being to lazy there is food needed in a bowl. I saw my husband off to work and planned out my day. I’m trying to schedule the baby goat feedings a little earlier in the mornings now. They love that new idea! Time to mow the grass again. It was the first mow of the season and I just love the feel of looking at the fresh-cut grass. My nose doesn’t enjoy it so much but I have to ignore that. Allergies, yuck! The look, the smell and the wonderful feeling of it is so worth it to me. Got the lawn mowed. Yippee for me! I cleaned off the deck. Trying to get it summer ready. Almost time for a new stain on it. That will make it look fresh again. My niece made us dinner so no cooking for me this evening. Yes, I am smiling……


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