I think everyday is poetry in some way. Looking at the sky or watching the rain. In everything we see there is such beauty. Life can be hard at times and if you think about it poetry is even seen in that.

With the darkness

Brings the light

From sun down

To sunrise

Each new day

Brings new hope

Life continues

As we go

Happy days all warm and fuzzy

Darkest days tug hearts

Glad my God is there for me

Through everyday I see

Karen Hawkins


My four-year old granddaughter can very carefully look through all the rocks she sees and pick the most beautiful one. She handed me a rock one day as she had it placed in the palm of her hands pushed together. She said grandma this is for you. This is a very beautiful rock! Of course I treasure it. Oh! Through the eyes of a child. What poetry!   ❤






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