I’m so lucky to have such an awesome sister. I’ve been blessed for sure. Her and my brother are twins. That’s pretty neat! We get to see each other about twice a year. She lives in one of the Chicago suburbs. I miss her a lot but thankful we’ve been able to stay so close.  We talk or text everyday. She has a craft site on Facebook called Lindenwood. You should check it out if  get a chance. She has some neat wooden projects on there. I love looking at all the new creations she comes up with. Of course my house has just a few things. Hehehe………. I know she would be happy to ship her goods. Wink wink. Her and I both never really crafted at all until my mom passed away three years ago. We just got this urge to keep ourselves busy. She started her wood projects and I started making flower arrangements. We have both laughed about this because we live eight hours away from each other and both did this without even talking about it at first. I know she has really enjoyed keeping her mind busy. Me too! She will be coming for another visit soon and I can’t wait! She’s family but my friend. She means the world to me………


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